Vengaboys Are Begging TikTok Users To Stop Doing Viral Dance

From the same '90s Eurodance legends that brought you "We Like To Party (The Vengabus Is Coming)" comes a PSA for TikTok users taking on the viral "Up & Down Challenge".

Basically, Vengaboys' 1998 chart-topping song "Up & Down" has recently isnpired yet another viral dance challenge, called the #vengachallenge as well as the 'Up and Down Challenge'.



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The challenge involves couples performing acrobatic moves in-sync to the beats of the classic song, and was first started three weeks ago by user Sioned69, and has since seen over 50,000 pairs recreate the vid.

@sioned69Taking it up a notch on this fun Friday 🤪my abs are on fire 🔥##abcrunchchallenge ##fyp ##foryou ##couplegoals ##hubbywifey♬ Up & Down - Vengaboys

Despite being "delighted" over the song's sudden resurgence, Vengaboys have urged people to avoid taking on the fitness trend on TikTok, which has even seen celebs like Jason Derulo and Olly Murs take up the challenge.

Posting to social media, the group begged fans, "Please stop getting hurt".



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Vengaboys' Captain Kim also said in a statement, “We still want to ask the TikTok community to stop this challenge. If you break a finger or sprain your wrist, you still have to go to the hospital where they have more important things on their mind right now.”

D-Niceadded: “At least TikTok has added a warning to the ‘Up and Down’ challenge videos. And even though we can see that a lot of people are having fun, we are pleading with them to please stop.”

They may like to party, but they clearly don't like seeing people get hurt to their banger of a tune, so maybe don't try this at home.

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