Rolling Stones Launch 'Extra Licks' YouTube Series

The Rolling Stones are set to share "special past performances" in a web series as part of YouTube's #StayHome campaign.

The Rolling Stones have announced a weekly livestream series set to take place on YouTube called Extra Licks, which will feature bonus footage from their various concert films throughout the rockers' career.

"Available digitally for the first time, this six-part weekly series will feature bonus footage from some of the band’s most memorable concerts around the world,” a YouTube description read.

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Along with footage from their 2016 concert film Olé Olé Olé: Trip Across Latin America., the series will also include footage from their 1994 Voodoo Lounge Tour, as well as four other tours.



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The new series comes following the band releasing its first track since 2012, “Living in a Ghost Town".

“So the Stones were in the studio recording some new material before the lockdown and there was one song we thought would resonate through the times that we’re living in right now. We’ve worked on it in isolation. And here it is,” Mick Jagger said about the song in a statement.

“So, let’s cut a long story short. We cut this track well over a year ago in L.A. for part of a new album, an ongoing thing, and then shit hit the fan Mick and I decided this one really needed to go to work right now and so here you have it,” Keith Richards added.

The Stones also appeared together recently via livestream to perform “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” for the Together at Home COVID-19 relief special.

The series drops at 5am AEST each Monday for six weeks and can be found on their official YouTube channel.

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