A Remix Of The Victorian Premier Saying 'Get On The Beers' Is Going Viral

Australian band Mashd N Kutcher has transformed the Victorian Premier's announcement on partying during the pandemic into an instant music hit featuring Donald Trump.

In March, Daniel Andrews, the Premier of Victoria, announced that pubs and restaurants would temporarily close in the state in a bid to reduce the spread of coronavirus.

The Premier said it was no longer appropriate to 'get on the beers' -- a phrase that piqued the interest of the musical duo Mashd N Kutcher.

The Aussie band is known for creating comical mash-ups and used their skills to engineer their latest hit, sharing it on their social media accounts.



More Than 140 Fined For Breaching Stay-Home Rules In Victoria

Victoria's frontline health workers will have free hotel stays if they need to self-isolate during the coronavirus crises, as the state recorded 20 new cases overnight.

While the song may joke about 'getting on the beers', the Premier has made it clear pubs, restaurants and mass gatherings are not allowed.

Feature Image: Getty/Mashd N Kutcher.