'Some Things Happen For A Reason': Why Dua Lipa Went Ahead With Her Album Release

Dua Lipa has revealed why she went ahead with the release of her album, Future Nostalgia, amid the ongoing coronavirus pandemic.

Speaking with The Project's Susie Youssef via Skype, the British pop phenomenon explained that, although no-one could have predicted the current global crisis, she's glad her music has been an escape for fans.

"I'm really happy the album is out and people owe are dancing and having fun and like it and that's all really I could hope for and hopefully once this passes, then we can all come together and dance," she told Susie.

Dua Lipa's latest single features the very timely lyrics, "I should have stayed at home, 'cos I was doing better alone" which has become a self-isolation anthem around the world.

Image: Network 10.

Even Dancing With The Stars' Christian Wilkins mentioned, ahead of last week's finale, that he and dance partner Lily Cornish had been learning the choreography from the song's music video during their time in quarantine.

Dua Lipa explained that she's been spending her time indoors much like the rest of us, taking lots of return trips to the kitchen.



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"Honestly, I keep looking at the fridge like it will materialise with something new," she told The Project. 

"It's been a chance to just slow down a little bit and call my friends and speak to my parents lots and spend time with my boyfriend and watch TV and stuff," she said, adding, "I really think it's a small price to pay when we think about the bigger picture".

Image: Network 10.

Susie mentioned that there are plenty of sparkly hat tips to Aussie icons in Dua Lipa's very '80s inspired new record, with her track "Physical" an homage to Olivia Newton-John and "Break My Heart" sampling INXS' "Need You Tonight".

"I love Australia, I love hanging out there, I love everything about it, and you know, I spend a lot of time in Sydney ...and I can't wait to be back," the pop star promised.

In the meantime, we've got Future Nostalgia and plenty of choreography to learn in time for the next time Dua Lipa tours Australia.

Main Image: Network 10.