WATCH: Family Goes Viral With Their Hilarious Les Mis Lockdown Parody

The Marsh family in the UK have brightened the day of millions with their lockdown version of a Les Miserables song going mega viral this week.

The Marsh family from Kent uploaded their take on "One Day More", from the long-running musical Les Misérables on Sunday, and in a few short days the video has already clocked over 6.5 million views on Facebook.

With the world currently facing lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing and isolation, the Marsh family decided to spread some joy from their living room to ours.

In the video's caption Ben Marsh wrote, "It might be just in time to cheer up some friends and family who have had - or are about to have - birthdays, all by themselves".

Ben, a historian at the University of Kent, his wife Danielle and their four kids switched up some of the lyrics to the tune to reflect their current issues in lockdown like fighting over the wifi, sharing a bathroom, being unable to visit their grandparents and -- of course -- having to put on clean undies to attend school lessons online.



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After the video went gangbusters on Facebook, the Marsh family were interviewed on BBC Breakfast where Ben said they had been inundated with messages from their new fans.

"We’ve had these incredible messages that social media couldn’t keep up with from people coming off night shifts, ICU nurses, and it’s just absolutely lovely to see that positivity," he said.

"The nice thing about changing the words is that they can all sing about stuff that they like. Football and all sorts of other stuff, school, grandparents which is a massive issue for everyone, being able to communicate online."

With the lyrics written last Thursday, the family apparently rehearsed around the dinner table a few times, before recording two takes.

"We kind of did say at the end of the second [take] there was a bit of a problem, but the kids were like, 'we're done, we're off'," Danielle said.



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Despite what they thought might have been a hiccup or two, the video has been received with an outpouring of love from those also facing a lot of the issues raised in the parody clip, even making UK morning TV presenter Holly Willoughby tear up.

Giving the clip a standing ovation an emotional Holly said, "There are so many families that are spending time together trying to think of things to do. It is just so magical."

This isn't the first musical Marsh performance, the family often band together (pun intended thanks) to perform their take on tunes.

Watch the Marsh's full performance of "One Day More" below.

Feature image: Facebook.