I Love Rock N Roll Songwriter Alan Merrill Dies Of Coronavirus

Singer-songwriter Alan Merrill has died after being diagnosed with coronavirus aged 69.

Merrill, who co-wrote the rock anthem “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” and recorded the original version died on Sunday according to his daughter Laura.

“I was given 2 minutes to say my goodbyes before I was rushed out,” she wrote on Facebook, adding, “He seemed peaceful and as I left there was still a glimmer of hope that he wouldn’t be a ticker on the right hand side of the CNN/Fox news screen.

“I walked 50 blocks home still with hope in my heart. The city that I knew was empty. I felt I was the only person here and perhaps in many ways I was. By the time I got in the doors to my apartment I received the news that he was gone.”



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Merrill also said her father had been in good health prior to his diagnosis, performing a show a few weeks earlier, ahead of New York city’s closure of bars and clubs.

Saying her father had “played down” his cold, Laura Merrill urged others not to be complacent when it came to the virus.

“Stay home if not for you, for others. For my dad. This thing is real.”

Merrill originally wrote the track “I Love Rock ‘n’ Roll” for his band, the Arrows, recording it in 1975. Joan Jett saw him perform the track the following year and recorded the now iconic version.

On Twitter Jett wrote a tribute to Merrill saying, “With deep gratitude and sadness, wishing him a safe journey to the other side”.

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