Elton John Asks Fans To Support Aussie Record Store

Elton John has posted to Twitter, urging his fans to support their local record stores amid the coronavirus pandemic.

The singer revealed to followers that his local shop, Rough Trade West in Ladbroke Grove, is his “favourite”, while also giving a shoutout to Sydney’s iconic Red Eye Records.

“I’ve been down in Australia for three and a half months, it’s an amazing store,” he said of the York street business.



Elton John Postpones Farewell Tour Show, Says He's 'Extremely Unwell'

Elton John is "extremely unwell" and has had to postpone a scheduled concert in the United States, mid-way through his international 'Farwell Yellow Brick Road' tour.

“Everything about records are magical to me and have been for the whole of my life,” he added.



Elton John Concert Cut Short As Powerful Storm Causes Damage Onstage

Powerful storms that swept through large parts of Victoria on Friday night forced Elton John to cancel an outdoor performance in the Yarra Valley while the legendary musician was midway through his set.

“Record stores are so important for the community, they’re a wonderful place to visit. The people behind the counter are so involved in what they do, they’re such experts. They love it.

He continued, “If I hadn’t have been Elton John one of the greatest things I’d loved to have done would be to have my own record store and sell records to people. It’s just something involved in the magic of it.”

The 72-year-old is currently Down Under for his Farewell Yellow Brick Road tour, which wrapped up in Sydney on Saturday. He had previously been forced to cut his New Zealand show short last month due to a bout of walking pneumonia.

Image; AAP