People Think Taylor Swift's New Video Hides A Kanye West Reference

Taylor Swift has been known to hide hints and Easter eggs in her work, no one knows this better than her fans.

So when it was announced that a music video was in the making for her single "The Man", Swifties began doing what they do best and attempted to crack a few mysteries.

Before the release of her album Lover last year, some fans went into overdrive trying to work out the clues hidden in the posts Taylor released on social media.



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Referencing some of the complex mathematical equations her fans get stuck into, Taylor tweeted out confirmation of the release date of "The Man" video by saying "There are 19 hands in the hallway".

(Sidenote, the release date of "The Man" video is also an Easter egg itself. If you add up the numbers in the release date of 2+7+2+2+0 which equals her favourite number, 13.)

The striking artwork is curious, and potentially hints at the kind of aesthetic that the "ME!" singer could be leaning into in the new video, but some fans also noted the hallway itself looked familiar.

Shona Hendley


I Was Wrong About Taylor Swift And I’m Sorry

Not too long ago, I declared that I was done with Taylor Swift.

Yep, the longstanding tension between Taylor and Kanye may not be over yet as some believe "The Man" video may be making some direct references to Ye.

The visual reference seems pretty clear, as illustrated by Kim Kardashian sharing a few stunning shots of the family home -- and by stunning we mean like some kind of setting for a Star Trek movie. Buy a rug or something, Kim, the place looks drafty.

We'll have to wait and see when Taylor drops the video just how shady it's going to get for Kanye and Kim!

Featured image: Twitter / Getty Images.