'Leaked' Lady Gaga Song Declared 'Pop Masterpiece' By Little Monsters

Lady Gaga fans are convinced that her highly anticipated new single has made its way online early.

A tantalising snippet of the track, "Stupid Love" was posted to Twitter and was up long enough for fans to get whipped into a frenzy about the next era of Gaga's career. 

The disco-pop tune, which has since been taken down, has been hailed as a sonic return to Gaga's earlier records ‘Fame Monster’ and ‘Born This Way’.

It has not been confirmed where the song came from, whether Gaga plans to release it or whether the pop star has anything to do with it at all.

But it didn't stop it from becoming one of the most talked-about things on Twitter on Wednesday.

A few lines of allegedly leaked lyrics are being declared as the makings of a “pop masterpiece”.

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The leaked lyrics from 'Stupid Love' include the lines, "You’re the one that I’ve been waiting for / Gotta quit this crying" and "Nobody’s gonna heal me if I don’t open the door / Kinda hard to believe (Gotta have faith in me). 

Fans suspect the banger might be the lead single for 'LG6' which the world has been patiently waiting for since Gaga's last record 'Joanne' dropped in 2016. 

While Gaga delivered new music for the 'A Star Is Born' soundtrack in 2018, including the Oscar-winning hit performed with Bradley Cooper, "Shallow" --Little Monsters have been hungry for a full-length Gaga record.

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While it's unconfirmed that "Stupid Love" has anything to do with 'LG6' or Gaga, some crafty Little Monsters did find the title lurking in the source code on the official Lady Gaga website.

It's highly possible that "Stupid Love" has nothing to do with 'LG6' and Gaga is cackling as she watches herself trending on Twitter.

The singer has been keeping fairly quiet online but there are rumours that all will be revealed on February 7.

Main Image: Instagram.