'Thank God!' Billy Idol Explained Why He's Glad Instagram Didn't Exist During His Heyday

If social media had been around in the '80s, we might have seen a lot "more, more, more" of Billy Idol.

Speaking to 'The Project' panel from Auckland ahead of his Australian shows this week, the rock icon said that, although he's pretty active on Instagram now, he's certainly glad it wasn't around to capture the depraved antics of his youth.

"Thank god," he told the panel. "And no CCTV, otherwise, you'd have so much film of me naked."

Billy explained that while it got pretty wild during the peak of his career, he started to tone things down in the mid '90s, introducing workouts into his daily routine.

Image: Network 10.

"I like music too much, it's too much fun on that stage to leave it," he said of keeping in shape for the life of a touring musician.

"Of course, you always re-think what's happened in the past and you might wish you didn't go as hard as you did but it's all grist for the mill, it was fuel for the music.

"So glad I'm still here, glad I pulled back from the edge," he said, alluding to his recovery from drug and alcohol addiction.

These days, Billy's been sharing more wholesome content, posting an ultrasound of his daughter Bonnie Blue's unborn baby -- his first grandchild -- earlier this month.

Billy explaining how his grandkid's gender reveal went down. Image: Network 10.

"We had a gender reveal party on Thanksgiving day and they bake a cake," Billy said of the family's chosen method of surprise (presumably they decided against the lasagna or burnout reveal).

"She's having a girl, May 27th -- I think they may call her Poppy," he said.

Billy is set to play the Australian Open live stage next week -- as well as dates in Sydney and Brisbane -- and promised that he'd be playing "a smorgasbord of stuff that covers my whole career".

Main Image: Network 10.