Spotify Is Letting You Create A Purr-sonalised Playlist For Your Beloved Pet

Forget about putting together a mixtape for your crush because you can now curate a musical masterpiece for the real object of your affection -- your pet.

Launching Pet Playlists today, Spotify is letting users create a tailored collection of songs based on their cat, dog, iguana, bird or hamster's very unique personality.

There isn't an option for rabbits fish, horses, snakes or ferrets but we're glad the discerning music lovers of the iguana world are finally getting recognised!

The Pet Playlist picker asks you to select your animal and then decide if they're more relaxed or energetic, shy or friendly, and curious or apathetic to get a feel for the type of rhythms your pet will dig.

Finally, a website recognising the musical taste of iguanas! Image: Spotify.

The algorithm then factors in your own musical taste and presents you with a list that you and your furry, feathery or scaly friend can enjoy together.

Spotify has also included plenty of animal-themed tunes like "Ain't Nothin' Like A Hound Dog", "Hey Bulldog" and "Three Cool Cats" in case you forgot that this playlist is for pets first and foremost.

And for the reptiles? Joni Mitchell's "Night Of The Iguana" is most likely going to be on repeat in a lot of households this week.

Music for shy iguanas already sounds like a band name. Image: Spotify.

Along with the playlist feature, Spotify has released some rather intriguing data about the types of music that pet owners are putting on the stereo for their animals.

Soft rock is the top category (41 percent) with classical music following closely behind (at 36 percent) -- and this is probably because 40 percent of those surveyed on behalf of Spotify believe that music makes pets happier and eases their stress levels.



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Most worryingly of all is the statistic that more than half of the Australians surveyed said they would "choose their pet over their partner" but we're not exactly sure of the circumstances and we're not sure if we want to find out.

The new playlists have gathered mostly positive praise online with Twitter users freaking out on how accurate the selections are (despite it definitely being based on your own listening history).

The only complaints so far seem to be from a disgruntled rabbit named Agnes and a Twitter user who announced that pet playlists are an absurd idea and he was "not about to fight for the aux with an iguana" which is totally fair enough.

You can create your own Spotify Pet Playlist over here

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