Sia Says She Texted Diplo For 'No-Strings Sex'

Girlfriend knows what she wants!

Speaking to GQ for a feature on Diplo, Aussie singer Sia opened up -- a lot -- about her relationship with the DJ, whose real name is Thomas Wesley Pentz, where she called him the "sweetest thing in the world" as well as "super-duper hot".

The singer has been collaborating with Diplo for more than a decade, with both artists a part of the dance music collective LSD (which stands for Labrinth, Sia, and Diplo), who released their debut studio album, 'Labrinth, Sia & Diplo Present... LSD,' in April last year.



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"He doesn't think he's good enough at anything. He has crazy low self-esteem," Sia told GQ of Diplo. "It's so interesting because he's one of the most talented and attractive people in the world. But he doesn't know it."

In fact, the singer finds him so attractive that she added, “Much of our relationship is just being spent trying not to have sex so that we wouldn’t ruin our business relationship".



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Despite this, she came up with a proposition and decided to shoot her shot with the famous muso.

“This year I wrote him a text, and I said, ‘Hey, listen, you’re like one of five people that I’m sexually attracted to, and now that I’ve decided to be single for the rest of my life and I just adopted a son, I don’t have time for a relationship," she began.

"…If you’re interested in some no-strings sex, then hit me up."

No word on whether or not he accepted, but Sia's unapologetic approach to no-strings-attached sex is certainly a huge 2020 mood.

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