'The Self Love Australia Has Is Incredible': Lizzo Pays Tribute To Bushfire Relief Effort

Lizzo didn't think twice when she knew she'd be visiting Australia in the middle of our worst bushfire season ever.

When asked by 'Project' panelist Peter Helliar whether it was a bit of a surprise that she ended up packing hampers for Food Bank Victoria -- her answer was swift.

"When I was coming here, I knew I would do more than just play shows," she explained.

"Like, yo, I cannot come to this amazing country and not give everything that I can -- all of my time and energy and love because I've always wanted to come to Australia," the rapper and flautist continued.



Good As Hell Lizzo Spotted Helping Australia's Bushfire Victims

Lizzo has shown she’s legit ‘Good As Hell’, with the superstar taking a break from tour life to pack food hampers for bushfire victims.

She told 'The Project' that visiting Australia has always been a dream of hers.

"I've been looking forward to this trip and then to see everything that was happening I was like, 'Maybe it's the wrong time', but there is no wrong time," she wisely said.

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And it's a decision that's paid off, not just for the Australians she helped via her work at Food Bank or those who have been brought the supreme joy of witnessing her live performances -- it's been a big learning experience for Lizzo herself.

"Australia has helped me so much and the people here have helped me understand self-love even more," she said.

"The self-love Australia has is incredible."

'The Project' panel had earlier tried to suss out whether the "Truth Hurts" singer might be interested in moving here a little more permanently.

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"Who am I going to marry to get that dual citizenship?" she said, pointing directly at Fitzy, before adding she'd happily settle for someone related to the Hemsworth brothers.

"What do their cousins look like?" she asked.

Come on Australia, surely someone knows the number of a Hemsworth cousin?

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