Dolly Parton Is Recording Music To Release After Her Death

Dolly Parton has been working nine to five in order to bless us with a stack of new music after she's gone.

Speaking on NPR’s podcast 'Dolly Parton’s America', international treasure Dolly Parton, 73, spoke about her faith as well as her plans to release an entire catalogue of music after she dies.

Speaking on the show, she revealed: “For me, as far as what I hope my music will be left behind, I hope that it will always live."

I would like to think that I’ve left some good pieces of music. And I think as long as time lasts, people will be doing music all kinds of different ways.

She added, “I am a lucky person because I’ve got hundreds, hundreds, even thousands of songs and a big part of them haven’t even been recorded.

"There’s enough stuff to go on forever with my music: to do compilation albums, to do, actually, new and original stuff, and I am purposely trying to put songs down for that very purpose. To have a click track and my vocals, to where any arrangement can be done. So I think ahead.”

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Basically, the "Joelene" songstress has smashed out a heap of tracks so that producers and musicians are able to work with said tunes in order to create an original piece of work.

"Anybody could produce that," Dolly explained, adding: "Anyone, any producer in the world -- a hot shot producer, when I'm gone, they could take my songs, just the click track of my vocal, and build a complete arrangement around that."

"So that will go on forever."



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She continued: "I’m one of those people that believe in being prepared. I don’t want to ever leave my stuff in the same shape like Prince or Aretha [Franklin], or anybody that don’t plan ahead with that.”

We hope it's not anytime soon, but it's comforting to know there's still a lot more Dolly to go around once she's gone!

You can listen to the full podcast below:

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