'F*** Off!': Elton John Unleashes On Security Guards Ejecting Woman From His Perth Show

Elton John paused his farewell concert in Perth on Sunday night after witnessing two security guards escorting a woman from the crowd.

"Hey, you two security guards with the girl ... F*** off," he said, in a video that has been reposted to Twitter.

The crowd cheered as the music icon continued to call out the security guards, warning them to, "Let her up here immediately...come on you c***s".

"Morons. Both of you morons," he continued, adding, 'You don't treat girls like that. Leave her alone you turds."



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While some fans praised John for calling out the alleged bad behaviour by security guards, others on Twitter said the aggressive nature of his expletive-ridden comments "spoilt the atmosphere".

Elton John has several more farewell tour concerts scheduled across Australia and New Zealand across December, January and February.  

Main Image: Getty/Twitter.