Niall Horan Explains How To Master The Perfect Hip-Thrust

After nearly ten years in the game, Niall Horan explained how he's managed to master the art of a good hip-thrust on stage.

Sort of.

The former One Direction member stopped by 'The Project' desk and was asked to explain a particularly impressive dance move he performed at a recent concert in Mexico.

"You are all welcome!" he cheekily pointed to the screaming studio audience who were still fanning themselves after watching the racy clip.

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Peter Helliar read out a review of the show which declared the Irish popstar (and golf enthusiast) as having "the most perfect hip-thrust we ever saw".

Image: Network 10.

"Can you give me that person's address," Horan joked, before trying to explain how he summons that kind of magic in his performances.

"I don't know, put 65,000 people in front of you and you'll do anything!" he laughed.

Niall Horan's new single, "Nice To Meet Ya" is out now. 

Main Image: Network 10.