Shannon Noll's Next Music Video Will Reference Those Cheeky Facebook Comments

Between having another bub, spinal surgery, dropping his latest single, shooting a music vid and appearing as a celeb guest on 'Trial By Kyle', Shannon Noll has been one busy bloke.

After Nollsie's album 'Unbroken' was released in February last year, fans had since been eagerly awaiting new music -- and finally, their prayers were answered in the form of the Aussie icon's brand new banger ‘Long Live The Summer’.



Shannon Noll Reveals His Favourite Karaoke Tunes

Shannon Noll is all set to lead a nation-wide karaoke session this week on 'Sunday Night Takeaway'.

"It's basically about having fun with friends and family, maybe having a barbeque and drinking beer. Just getting into the holiday season and enjoying yourself and letting your hair down," Nollsie told 10 daily over the phone.

Inviting a handful of fans to be apart of the clip, Nollsie revealed that the video is set to be based on the incessant yet hilarious fan commentary seen on his Facebook page, in which a user will jokingly ask the singer to return an item he's "borrowed" -- usually in a way that's peppered with sexual innuendo.



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It's the show that answers the age-old question: what would you get if you crossed 'Judge Judy' with a goon bag.

"The concept of the clip is a funny one, we're sort of flying into the whole Facebook comment scene that's been happening to my Facebook page for a couple of years now," he said. "I don't want to give it away -- but it's really funny! It'll be a bit of a laugh I reckon".

Speaking about the bizarre banter that takes place in his comment section, being the true blue bloke he is, Nollsie revealed that, much like us, he's all about having a laugh at himself.

"It's very funny! Some people are very, very clever with their comments -- they can take anything I post and sort of put it through the algorithm and come up with something great," he laughed.

"It's all in jest, everyone's just having a bit of a laugh," he said, adding, "There's nothing mean about it, I think they're just having a bit of fun. In this day and age, everyone's a bit precious about being offended, but I don't mind having a laugh at myself".

Proving that he doesn't mind having fun at his own expense, Nollsie also revealed he's set to appear in Thursday night's episode of 'Trial By Kyle', where he'll appear as a celebrity special guest.

Order in Kyle's court! Image: Network 10

"There's a conflict between two guys that are in a band together, so I've been brought in as an advisor to Kyle so I can help adjudicate," he laughed. "It was a lot of fun too and great to see Kyle -- we all got a bit of a giggle out of the whole thing."

You can catch Shannon Noll's appearance on 'Trial By Kyle' on Thursday, November 28 at 8.30 on 10 and WIN Network.

Image: Getty Images / Facebook.