5 Things You Need To Know About Aussie Singer Starley

You already know her 2016 mega-hit "Call On Me" -- which went 4x platinum in Australia -- now, Starley is back with another insanely catchy track called "Lovers + Strangers".

Popping into Network 10 for an appearance on Studio 10, Starley Hope looked every inch the pop star as she wowed the studio audience with her impressive performance (not to mention her equally impressive pink sequinned outfit!).

We spoke to the 32-year-old singer-songwriter about the inspiration behind 'Lovers + Strangers', touring with some of the biggest names in the biz and why she feels it's important for her songs to convey a strong message.



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"Lovers + Strangers" was inspired by her mum inviting her ex to dinner...

"It was a song that I wrote about a past relationship," she told 10 daily. "We were together for such a long time and that person was such a part of my life -- and suddenly, we're strangers to each other."

"Anyway, my mum actually had dinner with him -- which I understand, because he was part of the family -- but I was trying so hard to stay away because I cared about him and I wanted him to move on with his life, I wanted both of us to move on."

"I got a bit emotional and I wrote a song about it because it was tough, even though I wasn't there," she continued.

She's supporting Carly Rae Jepsen on her Australian tour...

In some super exciting news, earlier this week, it was announced that Starley will be opening for Carly Rae Jepsen on the singer's first-ever Australian and New Zealand tour.

"I'm opening for her in Sydney on the 26th of November at the Enmore Theatre, so I'm super excited!" Starley said of the news. "I haven't performed a lot in Sydney -- actually, I think this is my first actual show in Sydney!"

Following Sydney, she will also open shows at the Forum Melbourne on Monday, December 2 before finishing in New Zealand on Wednesday, December 4 at Auckland Town Hall.

She's previously toured with Katy Perry...

Joining Katy Perry's 'WITNESS: The Tour' in Perth, Adelaide and Melbourne last year, Starley called the entire experience "amazing".

"I mean, it's epic! Millions of dollars go into that show," she said. "It was so much fun, I was learning a lot. I was there just experiencing everything and watching the show every night and performing in front of this huge crowd -- the biggest crowd I've ever seen!"

She added, "I was always so nervous going out in front of all these people. I remember the first time my teeth were chattering, but it was a really great experience."



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She likes her music to have a message...

Releasing her previous track "Love Is Love" six months after the marriage equality survey, Starley said that she hoped to portray her authentic self and give fans an unfiltered look into her own experiences through her music -- and the equality anthem is no exception.

"I think for me the most important thing is to be transparent about who I am because I can't speak on anybody else," she explained.

"But I know from my own experience that it wasn't easy to tell my family that I was bisexual because I'd grown up in a very religious environment and they just didn't expect it," she continued, adding, "I didn't really even know that I was bisexual, I kind of just discovered it later in life But yeah, it was a bit of a shock to them".

"But I do I think it's important for me to tell my story about who I am -- and I always write about what I'm going through."

She has great advice for anyone going through the same sitch...

"The thing is if you think that it's going to be hard to tell your family, it probably will be, and they'll probably take it hard," she said.

"But you have to be true to who you are -- And I'm not saying you have to go out yourself and go and do all that, because it's very difficult for a lot of people to do -- it's a very sensitive subject."

She added, "But I think that the quicker you can figure out how to be your true self, and let go of what people think of you, the better you're going to be moving through life."

You can check out more tracks by Starley on Spotify.

Image: Instagram @starley