'It Was Nuts': INXS' Tim Farriss And Kirk Pengilly Reflect On Band's Most Iconic Show

INXS’s legendary 1991 Wembley Stadium gig will be shown in Australian cinemas for the very first time from November 14.

It was July 13, 1991 -- six years to the day since Live Aid, and five years since the band supported Queen at Wembley Stadium -- when INXS stepped on to the stage for to headline a show as part of their 'Summer XS' as 73,000 fans screamed in anticipation.

It had been a remarkable year for the group. Their album ‘X’ was riding the charts for eight months, they had gone platinum in the UK, as well as double platinum in the U.S.

Winning two Brit Awards, INXS had played a record-breaking run of shows in their Australian homeland, headlined Rock In Rio and undertaken a sold-out tour of the USA -- but it was this performance that catapulted the Aussie musos into the history books.

"Just walking out on stage, it was nuts," guitarist Tim Farriss told 10 daily.

"We were just six blokes from Australia that treated Wembley Stadium like just another pub gig, we went in with a PA and a few lights and played our arses off. No ego ramps, no back-up singers, no props, no grand pianos etc, just the six of us... and the audience went nuts! That's all we needed!”



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Reflecting on the show, Kirk Pengilly laughed as he regaled us with the story about how he injured himself just before what would be the band's most influential performance.

"We arrived in London and got out the bus to the hotel -- and I fell out of the bus and twisted my ankle really, really badly," he said.

"I was strapped heavily for the show and all that, but you'd never really know that I twisted my ankle from watching the footage," he added as Farriss chimed in, "Well, you had a leisurely gait at that particular gig!"

Fast forward 28 years after 'Live Baby Live' was shot, the iconic performance has now been fully restored from the original 35mm print to create a new widescreen 4K Ultra HD version -- with a few other surprises for fans.

"There's a song called 'Lately' which never made it to the original DVD and live album because the tapes run out during the song," Pengilly explained.



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"They had to quickly put on new reels and get it recording again -- but that song had a piece missing, but some very clever person managed to digitally repair it and put it back together again."

"Watching that was fantastic because it is one of my favourite songs of a particular album and it hadn't seen the light of day before," he said.

Image: Andrew Southam

"It's very surreal to watch because it was so long ago," Pengilly continued, "but I'm just so grateful and thankful because we've never been able to see INXS, you know?

"We've never been able to watch INXS live, and because of this we can, so it's something we're all extremely proud of."

It's the latest in a series of content that pays homage to the Aussie rockers, which includes a mini-series, a documentary, as well the upcoming 'GREATEST HITS: MICHAEL HUTCHENCE' photo exhibition at Paddington's Blender Gallery by music photographer Chris Cuffaro.

Image: Chris Cuffaro

It's a testament to INXS and their ability to stand the test of time, with their music still proving to be popular to fans of all ages. It's something that Pengilly admits is "astounding and humbling".

"When it's all happening at the time you're not really thinking about it, but the fact that our stuff still plays on the radio and people are still interested -- especially in Australia -- is amazing, and I think it comes down to the fact that Michael [Hutchence] and Andrew [Farriss] wrote many great songs".

And what would their late vocalist Michael Hutchence have to say about the forthcoming revival of 'Live Baby Live'?

Farriss laughed, saying, "I think he'd say, 'Look at me, I'm still young, yo!'"

'INXS: Live Baby Live’ hits selected cinemas from November 14.

Tickets on sale now at

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