Diplo Hacked The Jonas Brothers' Instagram And They're Not Impressed

After "ruining" Joe Jonas and Sophie's Turner's Vegas wedding earlier this year, you'd think the DJ would behave himself around the JoBros.

But of course, this is Diplo we're talking about, so that was never going to happen.

Ahead of claims the cheeky DJ is set to play on top of the Harbour Bridge in Sydney today to celebrate 21 years of BridgeClimb, he's also managed to squeeze in a casual hack -- on none other than the Jonas Brothers' official Instagram account.

First up, he unfollowed everyone on the account except for himself, then he changed the profile picture to himself, along with uploading a bunch of thirst-trap snaps of himself and a picture of '90s boy band Hanson, calling them "the original Jonas Brothers".

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He also laughed about the whole ordeal in an Instagram story, referring to his friends as "the dorkus brothers", and reposted DMs that were apparently sent by the boys in which they ask him to stop posting.

While the jury is still out on whether or not the whole messy sitch is a publicity stunt -- seeing as Diplo and the boys are reportedly teaming up on a new song for Diplo's country album -- the JoBros commented on the posts sounding less-than-impressed at the star's antics, suggesting that the hack by the 40-year-old producer was for real.

"Dude. Honestly it was funny for like a minute but who gave you the password?" a text message from one of the boys to Diplo read.

Meanwhile, a comment from Joe on a photo posted by the DJ read, "bro you changed the password", while Nick added, "Seriously call me @diplo this isn't funny".

As well as that, after a fan questioned whether it was a legitimate hack or if the JoBros "love Diplo just as much as [they] do", the boys replied, "Lol no we don't love Diplo that much. Looking into it."

Yikes! Watch this space...

Image: Getty