The Veronicas Deny That Plane Incident Was For Publicity

Any link between a plane controversy and an upcoming reality show has been dismissed by The Veronicas,

Twin sisters Jessica and Lisa Origliasso were removed from a flight from Sydney to Brisbane on Sunday, after allegedly "refusing to follow crew instructions".

While witnesses have given different accounts of the exact events, the singers said the confrontation centred on the placement of their carry-on baggage in the plane's overhead compartments.

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Appearing on The Project on Tuesday, host Tommy Little asked the group whether the plane incident was a "publicity stunt" ahead of their new reality TV show -- 'Jess & Lisa: The Veronicas' -- which will premiere in November 2019. 

"This is a legal matter, not a publicity stunt," Jessica responded.

Lisa said she "doesn't think it helps [the show] at all".

On their official Instagram page, The Veronicas described the incident as "incredibly confusing and intimidating".

"The incident was escalated without explanation why from cabin staff," the statement said.

"We cooperated with all requests from authorities and exited the aircraft."

The plane was delayed on the tarmac for about 45 minutes before the pair were escorted from the aircraft by Australian Federal Police. The singers boarded another flight to Brisbane one hour later.

Jessica and Lisa began filming the incident on their own phones after cabin crew refused to give them their names, they told The Project.

The pair said "if it doesn't implicate with any legal standing", they were prepared to release the unedited footage.

In a statement to The Project, Qantas said the group was asked to stop filming.

Brisbane resident Adam Rexhaj -- who was sitting several rows behind the singers -- started paying attention to what was unfolding after a message over the plane's intercom.

"It wasn't like they were getting aggressive or angry or anything like that, so I was quite surprised that they actually got kicked off," he told 10 News First.

In a comment posted to Instagram, the twins gave their version of events.

"We actually already had our bag up in the overhead. The female flight attendant wanted Lisa's bag spun around," the comment read.

"Lisa asked the attendant if she could help assist her because she couldn't reach it (we're only 5"1'). The attendant said it was against company policy. And a lovely man behind us helped instead."

"Then right before take-off, the flight attendant bought over the manager and pointed us out. He proceeded to lecture us about company policy."