Troye Sivan Slams Interviewer For 'Inappropriate' Question

Troye Sivan has hit back at an interview with a LGBTQ+ magazine that asked invasive questions about his sex life.

The interview ranged from questions about accents (Sivan's parents are South Africa but he grew up in Perth), celebrity crushes and Donald Trump.

Touching on Sivan's "celebrity crush" Shawn Mendes, the interviewer asked if the "Bloom" singer's boyfriend would give him a "hall pass".

Further on in the interview, it was the final question Sivan admitted had crossed a line when the magazine asked if he preferred Ariana Grande or Taylor Swift, dogs or cats, and finally asked "top or bottom?"

Sivan simply responded, "Ooo... definitely passing!"

On Twitter, the 'Boy Erased' star reflected on the tone of the interview, posting screenshots of it saying, "I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then i remembered how wildly invasive, strange and innapropriate [sic] that would be.

"Didn’t stop him though!"

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The article also referred to Sivan's dog as a "gayby" (gay baby), asked if he liked the series 'Will & Grace' and -- despite being an interview to promote his New Zealand tour, never asked a question about his music.

Adding, "Next time I'll just do a Twitter q&a" the recording artist was flooded with responses from fans who were disappointed in the line of questioning.

Sivan also joked with his followers when one responded with a question of their own. "You sure you don't wanna just ask if i have a gayby or if i like Will and Grace like the other guy??" he tweeted.

While Sivan's song "Bloom" was hailed as an anal sex anthem, the singer spent a lot of his early days publicising the track avoiding the conversation.

In an interview with GQ, he claimed the track was simply about a "human experience" he thought was "really beautiful".

"The only reason I haven't spoken about the specifics of it is purely because sex is embarrassing. My parents listen to my music," he continued, "My parents read every single interview I ever do, I'm not speaking on it for personal reasons."

Later, in an interview with LGBTQ+ site them, Sivan spoke more about writing for a queer audience, and Bloom's impact, however, called any attempt to use the track as a marker of his sexual identity "completely reductive".

"Without getting into like any sort of details whatsoever," he said at the time, "that was a song I wrote about a particular experience. I’m not branding that as myself forever. It was definitely just writing a song."

Despite being less-than-impressed with the write-up, it looks like Sivan holds no hard feelings towards New Zealand.

His tour heads to Auckland on the 13th of September before touring Australia throughout September. Dates and ticket info can be found here.

Featured image: Getty Images / Twitter.