Taylor Swift Believes Women In Music Still Face Sexism

The singer-songwriter says she's been subjected to sexist labels from doubters in the music industry, despite her success and many accomplishments (including a remarkable 10 Grammy Awards).

In an interview for CBS Sunday Morning, the 29-year-old performer said she has repeatedly faced criticism.

"You're always gonna have people going, 'Did she write all her own songs?' You know, talking about your personal life, talking about your dating life," Swift said.

She acknowledged a sexist slant in how she has been characterised. "There's a different vocabulary for men and women in the music industry," Swift said.

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"Give me an example," asked Smith.

"Okay: A man does something, it's 'strategic'; a woman does the same thing, it's 'calculated,'" Swift replied.

"A man is allowed to 'react'; a woman can only 'over-react.'"

"And you've had these labels thrown at you?"

Taylor Swift on CBS Sunday Morning. Image: CBS News

"Oh, yeah! It goes on and on and on. A man does something? 'Confident and bold.' A woman does it the same way, and she's 'smug.' A man 'stands up for himself,' [whereas] a woman 'throws a temper tantrum.'"

In the interview, which offers a rare, behind-the-scenes look at the production of a music video from Swift's new album, Lover, the singer opens up about her songwriting process, growing up in the business, her insecurities, and her life today.

She also talks about the recent sale of her original record label, Big Machine Label Group, and what that bodes for the music from her first several albums.