Why Hundreds Around The World Gather In A Park To Dance In Red Dresses

It's the one day where people from around the world don red dresses, black wigs and call each other 'Kate'.

In parks across Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Berlin, Paris and Oslo -- just to name a few -- swarms of Kate Bush fans gather for their yearly 'wuther', a joyous flash-mob style dance celebrating the British singer's 1978 tune, "Wuthering Heights".

Men, women, non-binary folks, babies and dogs get into the spirit of the wonderfully melodramatic film clip where Kate Bush ~wuthers~ about in a forest as she sings from the perspective of Cathy, the iconic character from Emily Bronte's novel of the same name.

Photo: 10 daily.

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The first 'Most Wuthering Heights Day Ever' took place in Brighton in the UK in 2013 and soon, identical events began popping up around the world. The Sydney event has now been running for four years, attracting hundreds of Kates who descend on Sydney Park in St Peters every July.

"It's really liberating, we've got men, women, children, dogs -- last year we had a rabbit!" Sydney co-organiser and 'Wuther Mother' Belinda Burton told 10 daily.

Belinda Burton and James Von Vinyl. Photo: 10 daily.

The chilly temperatures and blustery winds at this year's event didn't stop hundreds of Kates from getting into position and busting out their best shimmies, sways, backbends and "zombie walks" to recreate the film clip and feel the kind of liberation that only twirling around in a red dress on a hill can bring.

"Everyone comes here with the right idea," co-organiser James Von Vinyl told 10 daily.

"And everybody knows it's just about having fun and doing something that's free and just a little bit ridiculous," James added.

It's also the perfect event if you want to make like-minded friends but are terrible at remembering names as everyone just yells out, "Hi, Kate" to friends and strangers.

"You don't need to know anybody's name, you're all Kate and you're all Cathy today, it makes it easy to get to know people," James explained. 

Main Photo: Kristy Everett/10 daily.