Rihanna Trolls Her Own Fans With Meme About Her New Album

Rihanna is a woman of many talents. She's a designer, she's created her own beauty line, she's an actress, and at one point, many years ago, she was a singer. Only '90s kids remember!

After rih-leasing 'Anti' back in January of 2016, her fanbase -- the Rihanna Navy -- have been patiently awaiting her next musical offering.

During that time, Rih's pretty much done anything and everything BUT drop a new album, and the whole thing's become kind of a joke between her and her fans.

Last September, when told by a reporter on the red carpet that "the Navy needs new music", Rihanna laughed, looking around as she replied "ohh, girl. Who sent you?!"

Today, Rih posted a video from 'Love & Hip Hop Atlanta', which features Karlie Redd tearfully reading the results of a lie detector test as she announces: “Guys, it was all a lie”.

Posting the video, Rihanna captioned it "Navy in July", poking fun at herself -- for saying that the album would be out in 2019, and her fans, for constantly asking where the album's at.

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However, a good fan base has a relationship with their fave that feels like family, so if you're wondering how the Rihanny Navy responded to this, well, they trolled her right back, firing an onslaught of memes and angry reacts right into her mentions.

“I can’t believe I stan a liar….” one fan commented, to which Rihanna responded to with three laughing emojis.

Meanwhile on Twitter, things were -- as always -- more unhinged.

Drop the album, sis! We need it!

Feature image: Getty Images