Mark Ronson Explained Exactly What A 'Sad Banger' Is

Mark Ronson dropped by 'The Sunday Project' and explained the very specific genre of music his latest album fits into.

His record "Late Night Feelings" features a variety of artists including Miley Cyrus, Lykke Li, Camila Cabello and King Princess but there's definitely a consistent theme running through each melancholy, yet unmistakeably dance-y tune.

"A sad banger is basically like a song you can dance and cry to, you know what I mean?" Ronson asked 'The Sunday Project' panel.

"It's a sad song but it's uplifting," he explained, referencing Gloria Gaynor's classic sad banger "I Will Survive" and Swedish sad banger queen Robyn ("Dancing On My Own, Call Your Girlfriend").

"This is my breakup record but it's still like a DJ record," Ronson continued.

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"I worked with people like Amy Winehouse and Lady Gaga who really wear their emotions on their sleeves but my own records are usually more upbeat like "Uptown Funk" and, you know, I'm always like, the DJ in my head.

"I got divorced and I wasn't trying to make the divorce record... and then all the music coming out was a little more melancholy than usual and I was like, I'm going to run with this," he said.

The track's lead single "Nothing Breaks Like A Heart" was released last November but it took Ronson quite a few years to get in the studio with Miley Cyrus.

"I basically stalked her for four years, persistence is never a bad thing," joked Ronson. 

"She said she forgot to save my number so every time I'd text her she'd be like, 'who's this guy?'

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"She would send me back these emojis and I'd be like, 'I'm pretty sure she has no idea who I am'."

He added that even though it took a few years to coordinate, the timing probably worked out just right with both their life experiences intersecting at the perfect moment for the country-infused ballad.

Ronson is in Australia for two sold-out Club Heartbreak shows in Sydney and Melbourne this week.

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