A$AP Rocky Could Be Held In Swedish Jail For Two Weeks

Authorities are hoping to keep the rapper in custody after he was arrested over an alleged street brawl in Stockholm that was caught on video on Wednesday.

Rocky, real name Rakim Mayers, was in the Swedish city to perform at Smash X Stadion festival, however, while dining at a restaurant with his entourage a brawl broke out between Rocky, his crew and two pedestrians, that ended up on the streets of Stockholm.

In a video obtained by TMZ, Rocky can be seen throwing a man on to the sidewalk, before throwing several punches.

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According to sources who spoke to TMZ, the two men accused Rocky of breaking their headphones. However, a woman who was reportedly present at the time of the brawl has claimed that the two men groped her, and that’s when Rocky and his team grabbed one of the men and beat him, as the other ran off.

Rocky has since posted two videos to his Instagram that show the men getting agitated as Rocky's bodyguard asks them repeatedly to walk away.

"So a few drug addicts are not my fans,” the rapper captioned the video. “We don’t know these guys and we didn’t want trouble, they followed us for four blocks, and they were slapping girls butts who passed, give me a break.”

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In a second video posted to the rapper's account, one of the men is seen hitting Rocky's security guard, with Rocky telling the men, "Listen, we don't want to fight y'all. We not trying to go to jail."

"Hits security Guard in the face with headphones and then follows us,” the musician captioned the video.

The rapper and three others were arrested for suspected "gross assault" following the incident, and on Thursday, Swedish prosecutors filed a detention request with the Stockholm District Court to hold Rocky and his crew for up to two weeks -- significantly longer than the standard three days as they believed there was "a flight risk and a risk that if released, they could sabotage the investigation".

Henrik Olsson Lilja, the lawyer representing Asap Rocky, told AFP the rapper denies the crime, and thanks to the ordeal, he has been forced to cancel performances in Dublin and London this weekend.

"It could jeopardise the entire tour if he is detained," Olsson Lilja said.

A detention hearing will likely be held on Friday.

A statement provided by the prosecutor's office on Wednesday said that the investigation was still in "an initial stage" and thus no information about any evidence would be given.

Image: Getty