Grandpa Monster Will Get To Meet Lady Gaga After Sweet Video Goes Viral

A Star Is Born (on Twitter).

A 66-year-old grandfather -- known only as Jim -- has gone viral after his sweet reaction to receiving tickets to see Lady Gaga perform in Las Vegas was recorded and posted on Twitter.

According to graphic designer Whit, who goes by @boysbehindbricks on Twitter, her family had planned to attend Gaga’s October 'Enigma' show in celebration of her 21st birthday, only to discover the tickets were out of their budget.

However, when tickets were released for her Las Vegas 'Enigma' residency in 2020, Jim's wife Mary Beth jumped at the chance to surprise the Gaga superfan.

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"When new dates were announced we got to get them right away and surprise [sic] him bc [sic] he was sad we couldn’t go," she added in another Tweet.

Whit tweeted a video of Jim’s priceless reaction filmed by Mary Beth as he was surprised with the exciting news.

The clip opens with Mary Beth asking her husband if he has any plans for May 7, 2020. Jim checks his iPhone calendar before replying, "That's a Thursday. I'm booked all day," to which his wife replies, "Well, how's about the evening? Are you booked in the evening at 8 p.m.?"

After she suggests that they attend a concert in Vegas, his eyes widen in excitement before asking her, "Gaga?!"

The post has since exploded across Twitter, with Gaga stans, celebs and normies alike appreciating the super-wholesome video -- including singer Halsey.

"Oh my God, the way his eyes widened and he said 'Gaga?' in a hushed voice — he looked about ten years old! I hope y’all have an absolutely amazing time!" on Twitter user wrote, as another added, "I wanna buy tix so I can party with this man. He’s all our grandpas now."

"My grandpa is literally a midwestern Catholic man but Lady Gaga literally is his favourite person we have to stan," Whit tweeted.

"He’s never seen her before and she’s by far his favourite artist it’s the most pure thing," she said of her grandfather, who has since been dubbed 'the grandpa of Little Monsters'.

After being retweeted over 61,000 times, the cute clip soon caught the attention of Park MGM, who tweeted to Jim via Whit, "Next year is too far away, let's do this in October - you ready grandpa monster?!"

Not only will he get to see his idol perform, but it looks like Jim and his family will receive the full VIP treatment, with Whit revealing that Gaga had seen the footage and MGM had contacted her to organise a special trip for the family, along with a meet and greet with Gaga herself.

"After everything has blown up, the Park MGM has offered us flight, hotel, and meet and greet accommodations for an October show," she explained.

She also posted a text message from her Grandpa, who said he was "so happy" that his "few seconds of fame have brought some joy to so many".

We hope Grandpa Monster has the time of his life!

Image: Twitter.