Please Enjoy This Completely Ludicrous Interview With 5SOS

Fact checking, fax machines and a true or false round that involved morse code, The Project's interview with 5SOS had everything.

"As is customary, every interview with you guys starts with five seconds of silence," insisted comedian Sam Taunton in his chat with the "Easier" band.

And the boys, bless them, politely indulged him, bowing their heads with extra reverence as they sat uncomfortably on some hastily arranged filing cabinets.

A moment of silence, five seconds, to be exact. Photo: Network 10.

Sam continued on to quiz the boys about the Bee Gees, Delta Goodrem and asked which was better, performing at the ARIAs or the Billboard Music Awards?

"Uhhhh, the ARIAs, obviously," promised guitarist Michael Clifford.

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The legendary Aussie band then corrected Sam about the name of their old school -- it's Norwest, not North West College. And Ashton Irwin explained that he's on his old school's hall of fame alongside spinner Steve O'Keefe.

Fun facts galore.

By the time Sam got around to asking "who the Miranda" of the group was, whether he could support their tour with his comedy act and then began screeching morse code clues, 5SOS were just about ready to wrap things up.

"How long has this interview got left?" laughed Michael.

You can watch the whole clip in all its madness above.

Main Photo: Network 10.