Iggy Azalea Stops Concert To Talk About Transgender Discrimination

Performing at Chicago's Pride in the Park on Saturday, Iggy Azalea briefly paused her set to speak to the crowd about the horrific statistics when it comes to discrimination against trans women of colour.

"I really want to say something important before we start the show because we’re all here for a reason, right?" Azalea began.

"I don’t want us to forget the meaning of Pride or why we came here. To a lot of people, you guys are still invisible and you have to fight every day just to be who you are. That’s why we’ve gotta be here tonight because we gotta be loud as f***. This shows you exist and you are valid."

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The Mullumbimby-born MC then went on to speak about a transgender fan from Chicago named Michelle, who Azalea said "inspires" her with her incredible resilience in the face of discrimination.

"I see the struggle she goes through every day just to be herself just to walk out the door, the s*** that I have the privilege to do every day."

Detailing the shocking statistics when it comes to discrimination and violence against the trans community, Azalea said, "50 percent of trans people have been raped or sexually assaulted. 41 percent of trans people have attempted suicide. 80 percent of trans students feel unsafe at school."

She added that Michelle, being a trans woman of colour, has a life expectancy of just 35-years-old, before bringing Michelle on stage for a hug as the crowd cheered.

Earlier this year, Iggy Azalea released the music video for her song "Sally Walker", which included 'Rupaul's Drag Race' queens Vanessa ‘Vanjie’ Mateo, Mayhem Miller and Shea Couleé, as well as makeup artist James Charles.

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