Rolling Stones Kick Off Tour Just Months After Mick Jagger's Heart Surgery

In April it was announced that the Rolling Stones were forced to postpone their 'No Filter' tour due to Mick Jagger's health.

Soon after, the 75-year-old revealed he would have to undergo heart surgery to replace a valve in his heart.

At the time, a representative for the Stones said Jagger had been advised by his doctors not to go on tour. "The doctors have advised Mick that he is expected to make a complete recovery so that he can get back on stage as soon as possible," the rep confirmed.

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And Jagger stuck to his promise, just two months after his surgery the Stones frontman was back on the road, performing to a crowd of 60,000 in Chicago on Friday.

The father of eight said in his first post-surgery interview that he was "feeling pretty good" and added his routine had been made up of "rehearsing a lot lately... This morning [I did] a bit of gym. Nothing crazy. Then I go into rehearsal with the rest of the band."

All that rehearsing seems to have paid off, with the crowd in Chicago watching Jagger up to his old antics.

According to bandmate Keith Richards, Jagger went through it all "very easily".

"He’s in great shape -- rocking," Richards told the 'Toronto Sun'. "As I say, it seemed to be no problem at all, really. It was just like, ‘Oh, Mick will be better.’

The band have one more performance in Chicago before hitting the road all through July and August for the rest of the tour.

Featured image: Getty Images.