Um, Turns Out Mel B Kinda Jumped The Gun With That Oz Tour Announcement

Who do you think you are, Mel B?!

Speaking to 2DayFM Breakfast this morning from London, our fave Scary Spice was asked about her announcement over the weekend that the Spice Girls would be bringing their reunion tour down under in February 2020.

Upon being informed that she'd gotten 24 million all riled up over the news, Mel B played coy.

"24 million Australians? Oh, I like that! Yeah, well, what have I done?" she replied.

Asked to officially confirm the news that had Spice fans everywhere checking their bank balances, ready to drop some serious coin on their '90s faves, Mel responded:

"Well you know what... you know me by now," she began. "I'm always gonna say the Spice Girls are gonna continue and continue and tour the whole entire world. And my thing is -- and I've got a bee in my bonnet about it -- is that we need to come to Australia first out the gate. We've done London, and we need to come to Australia. So I announced it on stage, yes, without everybody else signing off one hundred percent."

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She explained that by announcing the tour, she figured the pieces would fall into place, manifesting it into reality.

"I figured if I put it out there then maybe it's gonna happen because I've been putting it out there for seven years -- and London actually did happen after seven years of me putting it out there -- so I figured, you know, Australia in February sounds pretty good to me! Does it sound good to you?"

Mel B went on to assure everyone that although she's currently the only Spice Girl who is actually a hundred percent in for the Spice Girls Down Under extravaganza, she was ready to make it a reality.

"I've been talking about it forever!" she exclaimed, admitting, "they're not on board, fully, yet."

She continued: "But I will make sure it actually does happen. I can only speak for myself right now. I will make sure it happens."

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Feature image: Getty Images