Taylor Swift Just Announced The Release Date For Her New Album 'Lover'

She'll also be dropping a new single called "You Need to Calm Down" this afternoon.

Taylor Swift fans have well and truly been #blessed today with the news that the singer will officially be dropping her new highly anticipated album, titled 'Lover', on August 23.

According to Swift's Instagram Live, the album will have 18 songs, and "the tone is really romantic".

As if that wasn't enough to get us all excited, Tay also revealed that she'll be dropping a brand spanking new single called 'You Need to Calm Down' at midnight -- that's around 2 pm AEST, FYI. However unlike her recent release 'ME!', with Panic! At The Disco's Bredon Urie, it will only be the audio we get our hands on... without an accompanying video.

"I wanted you to hear the song first, then see the video. Because the video is very worth the wait," Swift explained. "There's a lot going on in the video so I wanted that to be a separate discovery."

In addition, she gave fans a look at her new album cover, which was shot by Valheria Rocha, adding that she collaborated with fashion designer Stella McCartney for the album.

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The news has understandably excited Swifties across the world -- one of them being Lindsay Lohan who, in a classic LiLo move, began leaving bizarre comments on Tay's live stream.

"My mom was in Cats. You should respond," Lohan wrote on the stream without any context whatsoever. "We think you're great," she added.

This didn't go unnoticed by fans, including 'The Hills' star Spencer Pratt, who took a screenshot of the comments and tweeted, "Someone please tell Lohan settle down on Tays live like dang gurl."

Never stop entertaining us, LiLo.