Katy Perry And Taylor Swift's Feud Is Officially Over Thanks To Cookies

The feud we thought was "Never Really Over" may, in fact, be over.

One of pop music's longest (and most infuriatingly dull) feuds is officially over at last.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift have been friends, frenemies and actual enemies for the longest time but it appears the pair have now moved on to greener pastures and chocolate chip cookies.

Posting a snap of a plate of cookies to her Instagram, Perry captioned the pic (which includes the words "Peace at last" written in frosting) with "feels good".

Swift also commented on the shot with a handful of heart emojis, so you know this is legit.

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With Taylor tagged in the photo, it would appear that she made the plate for Perry, which is a lovely gesture if you ignore the sprinkles hastily thrown into the peace symbols.

If you really want to get into all the grubby details of WHY the pair were feuding (backup dancers? betrayal? forcing us to listen to "Swish Swish"?) there are countless articles like here.

But the move toward peace in the Pop Sphere began about a year ago when Perry -- ever the subtle one -- sent Swift a literal olive branch with a nice note.

Katy Perry And Taylor Swift's Feud Is Official Over Thanks To Cookies
Swift posted the very literal gift to her Instagram as well as a glimpse at the note itself. Photo: Instagram @taylorswift.

A more cynical person would look at the two recording artist's recent releases -- Swift's saccharine "Me!" and Perry's "Never Really Over" -- haven't fared as well as they should have on the charts.

It's almost as if this feud is often reignited when sales are needed. But that's something a cynical person would say.

Featured image: Getty Images.