Prepare To Cry Because Taron Egerton And Elton John Did A Surprise Duet Of 'Your Song'

'Your Song' is a guaranteed tear-jerker at the best of times.

But when it's in the middle of Elton John's farewell tour, and he surprises the crowd with a very special guest, it has the power to turn anyone into a complete blubbering mess.

Performing in Hove in the UK as part of his 'Farewell Yellow Brick Road' tour, John invited Taron Egerton -- the actor given the honour of portraying the legendary musician in stunning biopic,'Rocketman' -- to join him on stage.

As Elton sat at the piano in a sparkly pink jacket and matching glasses, Taron belted out the words to the classic ballad released nearly 50 years ago.

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Wearing a rainbow t-shirt and yellow-tinted sunnies, Taron once again proved exactly why he was chosen for the 'Rocketman' leading role, sounding and looking just like a young Elton.

The combination of the emotional song, the pair's harmonising and the way that Elton looks across at Taron with such pride had the entire crowd -- and internet -- in absolute tears.

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Elton's farewell tour kicked off in September and -- according to Rolling Stone -- it is the first time he's brought a guest on stage, making the moment even more special for fans in Hove.

The crocodile-rocker will be bringing his show to Australia later this year and we're just hoping that Taron tags along.

Main Photo: YouTube/Paramount Pictures.