K-Pop Star Sunmi Declares Herself An 'LGBT Queen' At Amsterdam Concert

A viral video of K-Pop sensation Sunmi has excited fans around the world.

The 27-year-old singer paced the stage at the Dutch venue as she revealed that she had "many different sides" to her identity.

"I'm dorky!" she laughed in a video shot by a fan at the intimate Q-Factory club.

"And...[I'm an] LGBT queen," she added as the crowd roared.

“There are sides of me that I know very well, just like the one I just said and sometimes there are times when I don’t know myself," she candidly told her fans.

Fans originally interpreted her comments as a coming out statement, although Sunmi has clarified that she was actually just expressing her support for the LGBTQ community.

Some fans have raised eyebrows about Sunmi walking back her original statement on Twitter.

However, others have pointed out that Sunmi's comments are pretty significant for the LGBTQ community in South Korea, a country that's yet to recognise the rights of same-sex couples or enforce specific anti-discrimination laws.

Only a handful of K-Pop stars have publicly come out as LGBTQ including pop idol Holland, RnB artist MRSHLL and singer Harisu.

Main Image: Getty Images.