'What If Rich, White, Straight, Men Didn't Rule The World Anymore?': Kesha Releases New Single

Kesha's new punk-pop, cacophonous, circus protest anthem 'Rich, White, Straight, Men' imagines a more equal world.

Releasing the song on YouTube, the 32-year-old recording artist wonders aloud what it would be like if you were not only able to ride a unicorn to school... but also an even more fantastical ideal: universal healthcare.

Following on from her last full album 'Rainbow' which was released in 2017, the new track rebels against societal structures and takes aim at sexism, racism, homophobia and -- of course -- unicorn ownership.

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The track also features lyrics taking aim at Trump's border wall and the Colorado case where the Supreme Court ruled in favour of a baker who refused to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

The protest track follows on from the music video for her cover of "I Need A Woman To Love" where she officiated an actual same-sex couple's wedding ceremony.

While fans have demanded Kesha release the song on streaming services as well as YouTube, the singer posted on Twitter that she hoped her label would help her with that, adding "if their [sic] not too mad bout me leaking it".

Featured image: Instagram @iiswhoiis.