The Veronicas Reveal How Their Show Will Be Similar To 'KUWTK'

Sitting down with 'The Loop' co-host Liv Phyland, Australia's favourite twins gave us the goss on their recently announced MTV reality series, 'Jess and Lisa: The Veronicas'.

Asked whether their show would be more 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians', 'Simple Life' or 'The Osbournes', Jess said that we should expect "a mix of the three, completely".

"It would be a lot of Osbournes -- with the family dynamic," she mused, adding, "and a little bit Kardashians just in the entertainment side."

"In terms of what?" asked Liv.

"The diva moments from Jess," quipped Lisa.

"Like, trying to hit each other with handbags? I saw Kim doing that to Khloé and I was like 'oh, actually, we're... a little bit like that," Jess explained.

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Chatting about their new song "Think of Me", Jess revealed that the lead single was only the second song they penned for their upcoming fourth album.

Calling the album "a journey of leaving behind your past and stepping into a place of power", Jess went on to say: "We were just writing about experiences that we were leaving behind at the time, and trying to find your voice in that."

The album, which has kept the gals busy "for the past eight months or so", is nearly done.

"We're almost ready to release it into the world," teased Jess.

Another sign that the album is nearly ready? The wiping of The Veronicas' Instagram page, which Jess said was "just sort of a trendy thing to do now".

She laughed, before adding that the fresh IG feed signified "a new era" for fans.

They also played a fun word association game and chatted about 'Lord of the Rings', which you can watch -- along with the interview -- in the clip above.

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