Clare Bowditch Told Us About The Inspiration Behind Her New Single, 'Woman'

Clare Bowditch stopped by 'The Project' to talk about her powerful new single, 'Woman' -- her first release in seven years.

The singer-songwriter told the panel the track was born after some "cheeky mid-week drinks" with a group of her closest girlfriends.

"And I realised that night that I went out feeling quite tight in my throat, and I walked out feeling quite happy and I thought, 'this experience of being with women, telling the truth about what we can do with our lives'.

"It's not just me, it's all of us," she explained.

Superfan Peter Helliar commented that "Woman" felt like a sequel to her track "Your Own Kind Of Girl" from her stunning 2010 record, 'Modern Day Addiction'.

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"My whole career, I've had women come up to me after shows and ask about that song and men tell me that they play that song for their daughters," she said, adding that it was actually the title of her upcoming memoir.

"There is this conversation that I like to be able to have through music, like, how do we talk about the things that are in our hearts and that ache us and the things that matter to us and how can we do that and dance at the same time?" she thoughtfully asked.

The stripped back video for the new song features women of all ages and backgrounds sitting in an empty garage singing along to "Woman".

"I was so out of the loop, it's been seven years since I released a single... so when I watched this song and watched this clip, I think of the filmmaker, Lucy Knox who is extraordinary," Bowditch explained.

"And she invited me, and my mother and my daughter into the clip and this group of women -- she went up to women in airports, her friends, her sisters, strangers!" Bowditch revealed of the diverse cast.

Bowditch's husband also produced the song, so the whole process has been a real family affair!

Main Image: Network 10.