Which Controversial Music Video Are You, According To Your Star Sign?

This weekend, 'The Loop' will be looking back on some of the most controversial music videos of our time. It got us thinking about which one we all related to the most, and, well... here you go.

Capricorn: Telephone, Lady Gaga ft Beyoncé

The controversy: General nudity and foul language, as well as the poisoning.

Why Capricorn? Have you ever tried to have a conversation with a Capricorn when they're not ready to chat to you? Extreme "stop telephonin' me-e-e-e-e-e-e-e-e" moods. Caps are notorious workaholics motivated by money and success, with a side of instant gratification. Criminals on the run getting rid of those who wrong them? Very Capricorn behaviour, tbh.

Aquarius: Barbie Girl, Aqua

The controversy: The sexualisation of Barbie, mostly. Mattel -- Barbie's manufacturer -- sued Aqua for calling Barbie a "blonde bimbo", and argued that the lyrics had tarnished Barbie's rep. Aqua's label counter-sued for defamation, because Mattel called them "bank-robbers" in their lawsuit. This went on for two years, and eventually everything was thrown out, with a real-life judge saying: "The parties are advised to chill."

Why Aquarius: Aside from the fact that Aqua's second album is called 'Aquarius'?! Aquarians are fun, flirty and hate anything too emotionally confronting. They don't want that drama, they're here for a good time, and "Barbie Girl" is all about that carefree life.

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Pisces: Wrecking Ball, Miley Cyrus

The Controversy: I mean... she's naked on a wrecking ball, and the video's directed by Terry Richardson. It's pretty self-explanatory, tbh.

Why Pisces? Crying about breaking someone's walls down while naked on a wrecking ball is an extremely Pisces mood. Emotional and artistic, Pisces are all about going deep on pretty much anything and everything.

Aries: Dirrty, Christina Aguilera

The Controversy: Described by MTV as a "post-apocalyptic orgy", the iconic "Dirrty" was absolutely slammed after its release. TIME magazine literally wrote that "she appeared to have arrived on the set... direct from an intergalactic hooker convention".

Why Aries? Aries are known to be courageous, confident and passionate, and this video is the embodiment of that, in all its dirrty, filthy glory. An enthusiastic sign, it could be argued that the crotch shots, assless chaps and spitting was an enthusiastic rejection of the pop princess' former, squeaky clean image.

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Taurus: This is America, Childish Gambino

The Controversy: A political statement about gun violence and the treatment of black Americans, "This Is America" quickly became one of the most discussed music videos in decades. Although it was highly praised by critics and fans alike, many condemned the video for being too sensationalistic and violent.

Why Taurus? Devoted, responsible and, yes, stubborn, Taureans have a true north when it comes to what's right. When combined with their artistic side, this makes them the perfect sign to be turning political commentary into art.

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Gemini: Famous, Kanye West

The Controversy: Kanye Vs Taylor Swift, round 111,654. Kanye referred to this video -- which included the line "I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex, why? I made that b***h famous" -- as "a comment on fame" and not in support of or against any of the celebs whose synthetic, nude lookalikes are featured in the vid. Taylor, meanwhile, liked a post which called the video "straight up revenge porn".

Why Gemini: Sorry, but Geminis are the messiest b****es of the zodiac. We don't make the rules! Here are exhibits one through six:

See? Look, Geminis are also very expressive, creative and they're never, ever boring, and whatever you may think of Ye, he and the "Famous" music video are all of those things.

Cancer: Stan - Eminem

The Controversy: Spoilers, if you haven't heard this song or seen this video from 2002, but Stan dies at the end. Also, there's just like, your everyday swearing that added to the drama of it all, you know. Honestly, by Eminem standards it's pretty tame but I wasn't about to be like "Hey Cancers you want your mum and your girlfriend to die!" because that wouldn't be LIGHT AND FUN!!!

Why Cancer? Cancers are loyal AF, which is the defining factor of being a stan. They're also very emotional, and can be moody, which is very stan-like behaviour!

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Leo: Like A Prayer, Madonna

The Controversy: When you think "controversial music videos", "Like a Prayer" is probably one of the first ones that spring to mind.  Dancing in front of burning crosses and kissing a black saint had everyone's knickers in a twist back in the day, so much so that even Madonna's Pepsi ad at the time was banned because it also featured the track.

Why Leo? Leos are born leaders, passionate and unafraid to speak their truth. They're also dramatic and know how to cause a scene, and Madonna, the reigning queen of pop, certainly did that with this video, no question about it.

Virgo: Baby... One More Time, Britney Spears

The Controversy: Britney literally had every conservative in the world shook to their damn core just for exposing her stomach. The scandal of it all! The sexualisation of it all!

Why Virgo? Loyal and kind, the Virgo can be overly critical of themselves, which can turn into a "show me how you want me to be" mood when their analytical nature veers into worry.

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Libra: All The Things She Said, t.A.T.u

The Controversy: SCHOOLGIRLS KISSING!!! Some people loved it! Other people tried to get it banned, saying that it "pandered to paedophiles"! Meanwhile, the fact that neither girl was queer, and it was all an elaborate marketing scheme cooked up by their manager, just added to it all.

Why Libra? Libras are social butterflies who hate conformity. They chase justice and equality, seeking balance in their world. "Let these teens be free to explore themselves!", shouts a Libra, somewhere.

Scorpio: Coma White, Marilyn Manson

The Controversy: Like Eminem, choosing a controversial Marilyn Manson music video is a very simple task. Honestly, we could've pulled a title out of a hat, but we went with "Coma White" for its recreation of the assassination of JFK. The video's release was pushed back twice, first due to the Columbine High School massacre, which the media incorrectly reported as being inspired by Manson, and then due to the death of JFK Jr.

Why Scorpio? Scorpios are one of the most artistic signs of the zodiac. They're deep and passionate, and care about truth and facts. Scorpios are just like the really intense goths of the zodiac. Even when they're not goths, their moods are goth, ya know?

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Sagittarius: S&M, Rihanna

The Controversy: A brightly coloured,  BDSM-fantasy that New York mag described as a "goofy" take on the S&M videos of Rih's pop contemporaries, the video was immediately banned in 11 countries. Also, plagiarism.

Why Sagittarius: Flirty and funny, this vid has Sagittarius qualities all over it. Sagis are blunt, and can separate sex from emotion. They also love freedom and hate being restricted in life, but who knows what goes on in a Sagi's bedroom.

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