Chris Brown Accused Of Ripping Off Artist's Work In New 'Wobble Up' Music Video

The real question: is anyone even surprised?

Chris Brown has again come under fire after a German artist called out the singer for ripping off his work in Brown's latest music video "Wobble Up", featuring Nicki Minaj and G-Eazy.

German artist Marius Sperlich spoke out to his 381,000 followers on Instagram, giving side by side comparisons of his 2018 work along with suspiciously similar imagery that's featured in Breezy's clip, alleging the star's creative team directly ripped off his art.

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One such image shows a breast with a temperature dial in the centre, while another features a rear end made to look like a desert island.

In an Instagram post, Sperlich encouraged his followers to share spread the word, telling them to "Lend your support to #changeindustry and make a difference in emerging artists lives."

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"Today 'Wobble Up' a new music video was released and my content was copied without credit. Spread the word. Tag, Comment, repost and help get press on this. Let’s give credit where credit is due!" he added.

"With no credit there are no creatives. Band together to bring awareness to ALL of the arts." Sperlich said.

"Intellectual Property has to be protected at any cost!" he continued. "Now that the internet and social media proliferate content instantly. We need to make sure that the creative source is present from first launch. This, unfortunately, happens offers in the creative industry."

"Nowadays it's very easy to copy things. For many, the internet is just an open source of concepts, ideas and free content. Nobody cares about creation, originals and credit anymore. Especially if you are a young and an emerging artist....most can't afford a lawyer for a lawsuit.

He concluded, "So most of them remain silent -- We won’t stay silent."

Sperlich added that he also believes that pieces created by fellow artists Tony Futura, Vanessa Mckeown and Catherine Losing were also copied, with each artist later calling our the controversial star over social media.

After Instagram page Diet Prada picked up the news, several others have since come forward after also noticing similarities to their own work.

Image: Instagram

Chris Brown and his representatives have yet to respond to the allegations.

Image: ChrisBrownTV