'Never Heard Her Sound This Bad': Madonna's Eurovision Performance Divides Viewers

Madonna's performance at the 2019 Eurovision song contest had viewers at odds.

Closing out the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, Madonna took to the stage to perform her classic "Like A Prayer" as well as her new collab with Quavo, "Future".

Speaking ahead of her performance, Madonna championed music's ability to bring people together.

"Everybody here is from all over the world, right?" she said.

"So many countries that I have been privileged enough to visit and experience, and the one thing that brings me to those countries, and the thing that brings all of these people here tonight, is music.

"Let's never underestimate the power of music to bring people together."

While many people were brought together, unfortunately, it was under the banner of slamming the pop icon's performance for being slightly.... off key.

During the country votes -- where each nation reveals who received their top score of 12 points -- the Netherlands' judge Emma Wortelboer also mentioned Madonna's performance.

It's unclear, but some believe Wortelboer either said, "I'm so thankful for Madonna's attitude" or "autotune".

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Either way, it felt incredibly shady coming from a woman dressed in bright pink loofahs.

When it was announced the 61-year-old would be performing at Eurovision, many fans called for her to boycott the event as a stand against the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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While Madonna did not refuse to perform, she did include a very clear statement during her performance, having two of her dancers wearing Israeli and Palestinian flags embrace at the end of "Future".

The European Broadcasting Union, which organises Eurovision and which staunchly claims the event is non-political, released a statement following Madonna's performance.

"This element of the performance was not part of the rehearsals which had been cleared with the EBU and the Host Broadcaster, KAN," it said, referring to her inclusion of the flags.

"The Eurovision Song Contest is a non-political event, and Madonna had been made aware of this."

Featured image: Getty Images.