Kasey Chambers Clarified That Her First Album Was Not About A Cat

After two decades, Peter Helliar just learned the truth about Kasey Chambers' first album.

The country music queen stopped by 'The Project' to chat about the twentieth anniversary of 'The Captain', the album that introduced Australia to one of its most talented singer-songwriters.

Pete declared himself to be one of Kasey's biggest fans, gushing that he pops the record on when he's relaxing with a wine or two at home.

But he also had a burning question for one of his musical idols that left Kasey completely puzzled.

"Who is the cat, is the 'Captain' your cat?" Helliar asked with a completely straight face. 

Bursting into laughter, Kasey exclaimed, "That's so random!"

"The captain is a real human being, I’m so weirded out where that came from!" she giggled. 

Clearly a little embarrassed that, for twenty whole years, he thought the Kasey wrote an entire album about some kind of charming feline she befriended in her 20s, he promised that he'll "stop telling everyone that it was a cat!"

Kasey clarified that 'The Captain' was actually about "a guy on Norfolk Island who's very special to me" and she recorded the record there because of her inspiring experiences on the island.

"But I don’t remember a cat being one of those experiences," she said. 

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It's still unclear what kind of cat Pete was imagining in these lyrics to the album's title track.

"And you be the captain/I'll be no one/And you carry me away if you want to."

But at least the truth has been cleared up now, and may we congratulate whoever it was who trolled Pete back in 1999 and has managed to keep the lie alive in his head til now.

Main Photo: Network 10.