Kacey Musgraves Shut Down Sydney Fans Trying To Make Her Do A 'Shoey'

Country music queen Kacey Musgraves was asked to partake in one of Australia's most questionable drinking rituals.

Performing a sold-out show at Sydney's Enmore Theatre last night -- as part of her 'Oh, What A World' tour -- Musgraves was dared by some members of the audience to down a beer using a smelly old shoe as a drinking vessel, aka 'doing a shoey'.

The request came just over a week after Musgraves walked the pink carpet at the Met Gala, and just months after she won four Grammys for her 'Golden Hour' record -- so, obviously, our Texan music idol wasn't about to add 'shoey enthusiast' to her list of 2019 achievements.

“That’s disgusting. I’m not f***ing drinking out of your shoe," she told the members of the crowd who began chanting their request, reported.

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Other fans of Musgraves' at the Enmore were clearly appalled by the demand, standing knee deep in cultural cringe.

Musgraves appeared on 'The Project' earlier that evening and spoke about sticking to her guns when it came to putting out music that was unapologetically true to her own identity.

"I feel like, if you're able to be yourself from day one, then you don't really owe anybody anything and there's a freedom that comes along with that because you're like, 'this is me, take it or leave it'."

Which applies beautifully to Musgraves' grace last night -- take it or leave it, she will NOT be doing 'shoeys' during the rest of her Australian tour.

Main Image: Instagram/@kaceymusgraves.