The Top True Blue Aussie Classics To Crack A Cold One To This Weekend

Don't forget to take a gander at this week's episode of 'The Loop' as they pump out all your fave Aussie tracks that'll have you keen as mustard for the weekend. You beauty!

Hit up the Bottle-O, grab a slab and fire up the barbie, 'cos we're rounding up all the top true blue Aussie bangers to kick off your weekend shenanigans!

From Barnsey to Farnsey, to Men At Work and Yothu Yindi, these are the undisputed classic Aussie tracks that'll make you want to find your comfiest pair of thongs as you crack a tinnie out on the patio on Sunday arvo. You bloody ripper!

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Land Down Under - Men At Work

You can't have a true blue Aussie playlist without kicking it off with "Down Under", that would be un-Australian, quite frankly.  The song talks about Vegemite sandwiches, beer, thunder and chunder. Fun fact: There was a whole lot of controversy over the song's infamous flute riff, after it was claimed Men At Work plagiarised the tune of the kid’s song "Kookaburra sits in the old gum tree".

Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again – The Angels

I can't be the only one who thinks of Reg Reagan, the alter ego of Matty Johns, relentlessly demanding to "bring back the biff" while sung to the tune of "Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again," right?

The Horses – Daryl Braithwaite

Name ONE person who doesn't belt the hell out of this chorus when this banger plays, I dare you. If you don't agree that this is an undisputedly true blue track, then just take a gander at this footage from New Years’ Eve 2017 at Byron Bay Falls Festival, where literally THOUSANDS of punters sing "The Horses" together. Magical!

Treaty – Yothu Yindu

This song discusses the struggles Indigenous Aussies have faced ever since the British invasion, and talks about the need to recognise the land rights of the Indigenous Australians through a treaty. Also, I'm pretty sure almost everyone made a dance to this in primary school at some point.

I Still Call Australia Home – Peter Allen

I literally can't listen to this song without thinking of that Qantas ad from the '90s that had the choir kids singing "I Still Call Australia Home" all across the world. Don't lie, you know exactly the one I'm talking about...

Cold Chisel - Khe Sanh

"Khe Sahn" is almost THE Aussie anthem to end Aussie anthems -- all you need to do is listen to the song's most famous lyrics: “The last plane out of Sydney’s almost gone.” But did you know that when the track was released in 1978, according to frontman Jimmy Barnes, no commercial radio show would touch it due to drug-related themes?

“Every DJ in the country begged us to release ‘Khe Sanh’ as a single”, Barnes said. “Then they banned it two weeks later. They had to ban something once a week to keep the Catholic Church happy.”

Eagle Rock – Daddy Cool

My dad once told me a story about the time that Daddy Cool came to play at his university, and while they played "Eagle Rock," his best mate -- who was absolutely sh*tfaced at the time -- managed to stack it on a heap of electrical cords, which instantly cut off the band's music and ruined the entire show. Honestly, what's more Australian than that?

Great Southern Land – Icehouse

Apparently, "Great Southern Land" came about as a result of frontman Iva Davies being homesick after going overseas to promote Icehouse. On the plane home, he wrote this iconic tribute to Australia.

"I knew it was dangerous territory,'' Davies said. "I was trying to write the anti-Down Under. Capture a spirit rather than paint a picture.''

Working Class Man – Jimmy Barnes

The power ballad is basically Barnsey's signature song which is apparently about the singer's hardworking, loyal fans.  Upon its release, it spent 14 weeks on the Australian charts and was even performed at the 2000 Sydney Olympics’ Closing Ceremony.

You’re the Voice – John Farnham

John Farnham's most famous track was first released in 1986, and was not only a major success here, but internationally. It was awarded the 1987 ARIA Award for ‘Single of the Year', and just last year, queen of the power ballads Celine Dion surprised fans at her Melbourne show by bringing out Farnsey for a duet of "You're The Voice", much to the delight of the local crowd.

My Island Home – Christine Anu

While it is a cover, Christine Anu’s version was changed in order to reflect her Torres Strait Islander heritage, however, the original song was written about Elcho Island off the coast of Northern Territory.

Solid Rock – Goanna

Any band name that's named after an Australian reptile was bound to be part of the list. The iconic tune also talks about the Dreamtime, the arrival of Europeans and the impact it had on Aboriginal people.

Prisoner Of Society – The Living End

For the mid-'90s youths who felt oppressed and felt the need to stand up against injustice, "Prisoner of Society" provided the perfect anthem that perfectly encapsulated that whole era of the '90s teen rebel without a cause.

It's a Long Way to the Top (If You Wanna Rock 'n' Roll) – AC/DC

Let's be real, we could honestly fill this entire list with AC/DC, because the boys being such a national treasure. But we picked this 1975 banger purely based on the altered version that, somehow, 99% of Australians seem to know -- "It's a long way to the shop if you wanna sausage roll."

Sounds of Then (This Is Australia) – GANGgajang

Fun fact: this actually started off as a poem describing the major culture shock of moving from England to Bundaberg, Queensland, and later, Aussie rock band GANAgajang released "Sounds of Then" in 1985, which has since become their most recognised song.

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