This Is Why Fans Thought Taylor Swift Was Going To Come Out As Bi

Taylor Swift's new era is upon us, after she dropped her new single "ME!" this afternoon, with a video and everything!

Taylor had been dropping hints about the song -- which is a collaboration with Brendon Urie of Panic! At The Disco -- for weeks, planting clues and sending the Swifties into a fullblown spiral once again.

Opening with the reputation era's snake, who burst into a shower of colourful butterflies, the video opens with Taylor and Brendon playing a couple and fighting in French with one another, with the song proving to be about a couple who will never find another person like either of them.

But this isn't necessarily what the fans were expecting.

After Taylor informed her fans that they'd gone down the wrong path when they theorised a release date out of a countdown that involved photos of her posting an image of seven palm trees one day, an image of her sitting on the sixth step of a staircase the next, and an image of her behind five holes in a fence, the detectives in her fanbase went back to square one and eventually came up with the goods.

This morning, her "FBI level" stans found a mural in Nashville, Tennessee that had 13 hearts -- Taylor's favourite number -- as well as cats. Fans knew right away that this was the work of Taylor, and headed down there in droves, to be greeted by Taylor herself who showed up to take snaps with fans and kick off her new era.

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After the cat was out of the bag, Taylor said on her Instagram story:

"Okay, so we've commissioned this butterfly mural to be painted on a wall in Nashville and put clues about the song and new music in the mural, so I'm gonna go show up," she said.

"The butterfly mural is painted by Kelsey Montague, who painted one of my favourite murals in New York," she added.

The rainbows -- along with the announcement that the song was going to be a collab with Brendon Urie, who identifies as pansexual -- was enough to kick one particular fan theory into overdrive.

Since switching up the dark aesthetic of the reputation album on her Instagram, Taylor has been posting a lot of colourful pics, and many fans have noted that a lot of them have featured both the colours of the bisexual flag and rainbows.

Other "that might be a reach but okay" clues include this photo of "chicks" and also this photo of a BI-ke (get it?)

Did we mention that she may have also hinted at it at the TIME 100 gala? While performing her song "New Year's Day", Taylor seemingly changed the lyric "I want your midnights" to "I want HER midnights".

The release date -- April 26 -- also happens to be Lesbian Visibility Day, so there was that, too!

It may not have happened this time, but hey, the stans can dream, right?

Feature image: Instagram