Bonnie Anderson: "It's About Standing Up For Yourself And Saying 'Enough Is Enough'"

'Neighbours' star Bonnie Anderson sat down to chat with us about finding strength through her music.

Her new single "Sorry" pinpoints the moment in a relationship when an unhealthy dynamic is recognised, called out, and kicked to the curb.

Anderson wrote the track three years ago in Los Angeles, in a moment of clarity during a turbulent time in her life. 

"This song actually comes from a really personal experience of mine," Anderson told 10 daily, adding that she was "going through some ups and downs in a very passionate, but quite toxic relationship". 

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The hook of her new single centres on the refusal to let an emotionally unhealthy cycle reset and continue to follow the same exhausting pattern -- "Sorry won't turn back time," she warns on the powerful anthem.

"It's about standing up for yourself and saying, ‘enough is enough’  and ‘you deserve a better time’," Anderson explained. 

It's the first single that the 24-year-old has released in three years, and sounds markedly different from her previous releases, like the slick, electro-pop banger, "Blackout".

She told 10 daily that while she was "proud" of her older tracks, they weren't really an accurate representation of her true identity as a musician, and a person.

"I sit back now and I feel like I was quite… I was pretty manufactured back then," she mused. "I was still growing, I was still learning how to really portray myself as I truly was."

And it’s taken me until now to understand to be really free with the person that I am and love the person that I am.

A big part of that journey has involved her role on Neighbours-- she's been playing the feisty singer-songwriter, Bea Nilsson for just over a year. Anderson performed "Sorry" as Bea on the drama this month, and says the character has helped give her a fresh perspective as a performer.

"Oh man, let me tell you, since I’ve been acting -- I’ve always loved being on stage and performing my whole life -- but I can see something in me that’s changed," she told 10 daily.

Anderson has been in the public eye for a long time now -- she won Australia's Got Talent when she was just 12 -- but credits Neighbours for helping her "grow as a person".

"Being onscreen everyday filming, [shooting] different angles and playing different roles and storylines, it really opens up another world to you as an individual," she said.

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Part of that experience has been nestling in with her Ramsay Street family, with Anderson explaining that she's formed close bonds with her co-stars, and TV family members -- Jackie Woodburne and Alan Fletcher -- who play Susan and Karl Kennedy.

"Jackie plays my aunty on the show and her and Karl, Alan Fletcher, they’re very special to me, they’re kind of like, the people I look up to," she said. "I really take in their advice… if I have anything to ask, I just go and chat with them."

"I was in London last week with Alan and it was very special to have that bond," she said of visiting the UK on a special Neighbours trip.

Anderson said it's hard to compare the feeling she gets after nailing an emotional scene in Neighbours with the rush she gets from performing her music in front of an audience.

"Nothing feels as good as it does when you’ve just finished singing a song and it was awesome," she told 10 daily. "If you’ve got a really emotional scene and it’s a really in-depth storyline and you really know your stuff, that feels great, too."

"But singing is the love of my life so I’m very intuitive with that, there’s no greater feeling," she smiled.

You can listen to Anderson's new track "Sorry" on Spotify

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