Spice Girls Share Rehearsal Snaps In Preparation For Reunion Tour

The girls have put the recent drama behind them as they prepare for their six-date comeback tour.

It looks like the drama between Geri Horner and Melanie “Mel B” Brown is all in the past after the group shared a bunch of videos and snaps getting ready for their highly-anticipated stadium tour.

ICYMI; Mel B claimed in an interview that she and Geri had slept together during their early days as a group, adding that it “wasn’t a big deal” and “just a one-night thing.” Geri quickly denied the suggestion, saying the claims were “simply not true and has been very hurtful to her family.”

Emma Bunton -- aka Baby Spice -- later clarified that everything had been sorted between the girls and there was no beef.

“Of course, we are starting rehearsals on Monday. It’s all fine,” Bunton said during her appearance on the Jonathan Ross Show.

“We have all chatted about it. Listen, we had fun back in the day. I didn’t know anything else but you know, we are all good,” she continued, adding, “We all know each other’s characters so well that we deal with each other in different ways, we have different friendships, so we work really well together.”

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Posting photos of their practice sessions, the girls looked like they were having a great time, with one video showing Geri being picked up and twirled around by two handsome backup dancers, along with snaps that showed each Spice Girl with their respective back-up dancer "team".

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The '90s pop legends announced in November 2018 that they would be kicking off a stadium tour in 2019, which currently features six dates across the United Kingdom, marking the first time the group has reunited since they performed at the closing of the Olympic Games in London back in 2012.

Victoria "Posh Spice" Beckham will not be joining the rest of the group on the tour but has expressed her support for the rest of her former bandmates.

The Spice Girls kick off their tour in Dublin, Ireland, on May 24.

Image: Twitter