'I'm A F*cking Human': Musicians Call Out Harassment During Their Own Gigs

The Australian music industry is calling out harassment after three musicians recalled incidences at their own performances.

In less than 24 hours, WAAX frontwoman Marie DeVite, singer Kira Puru and Alexandra Lynn ( who performs under the name Alex the Astronaut) all went public with accusations of harassment at their own gigs.

After DeVite performed with her band at Newcastle's The Cambridge Hotel on Sunday night, she posted a message to the "person up the front who decided to assault" her.

"I couldn't figure out who were because you moved so quickly... but I hope you're glad to know that I f*cking felt it and it was extremely degrading," she said on Instagram, signing off her message with 'Maz'.

"You wouldn't grope someone in the grocery store, on the bus or in your workplace. So what makes this situation any different?

"What am I to you? Last I checked I'm a f*cking human who deserves the right to her own body and the right to work in a safe environment."

In response to Maz's post, Alex the Astronaut shared her own story of an uncomfortable situation she had found herself in.

Alex said while meeting four boys after a show in Adelaide, one put his arm around her and told her twice he had a "crush" on her.

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"(He) asked if that was okay to say. When I said I’m gay so yes as long as he got that he said it again," Alex said on Instagram.

"I am small, he was very tall he kept his arm around me the whole time and I felt uncomfortable."

Alex said the situation left her feeling "yuck and worried they would come back".

An hour later, Kira Puru said while trying to fight off a panic attack during her performance, she was called a "fat p*ssy" by a someone in the audience.

"I was already having weird heart palps [palpitations], my voice was shaky and my breathing short," Puru said on Instagram.

"Honestly, I don’t really give any fucks about idiotic men usually but when I’m at work and having a rough fkn day already, it’s frustrating to not even be able to get through a 30 minute set without some gronk harassing me and commenting on my body."

Kira called out the "idiot" in the crowd but said it triggered her into a meltdown after the show.

She also called on those in the crowd to call out the behaviour of anyone saying abusive things.

"If you are with or near a stupid f*cking gronk, call their behaviour out and make them accountable. If you can’t see why this behaviour is an issue YOU ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM," she said.

The posts from DeVite, Puru and Alex the Astronaut prompted others in the music industry to call out toxic behaviour.

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Triple J host Bridget Hustwaite also condemned the harassment of musicians.

"I am absolutely disgusted to hear TWO female artists speaking up this morning about being harassed at THEIR OWN SHOWS over the weekend," she said on Twitter.

Others have also voiced their disgust at the problem, which has been an ongoing issue in the industry.