Wild Theories About Why Taylor Swift Posted Chickens Wearing Sunnies

Taylor Swift has dropped another mysterious clue about her upcoming album.

The singer has been been posting cryptic images online -- as well as a countdown clock to April 26 -- but the latest clue has fans going into overdrive.

Swift posted an image of four framed paintings of sassy chickens wearing sunglasses -- and fans have somehow come up with some very in-depth theories about what it could possibly reveal about her upcoming seventh album.

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Some have used complex mathematical formulas to analyse the poultry art to come up with their own ideas about the tracklisting, songwriters and producers for the new album.

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While others have googled the symbolic meaning of chickens, and have arrived at the conclusion that Taylor is definitely trying to tell us all to "protect ourselves from negative energy".

Others have gone with a more literal analysis and reckon that "Chickens In Sunglasses" is just the name of her new single, which honestly, sounds like a real banger.

And some have assumed that the barnyard aesthetic clearly means Taylor will be returning to her country music roots.

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But mostly, fans agree that April 26 can't come soon enough because trying to figure out the secret meaning behind these chickens in sunglasses is just exhausting.

Main Image: Getty Images/Twitter.